Creating an audience poll in Forum

Creating an audience poll in Forum

With Forum, you can create polls during any presentation to further engage your audience and start to understand them better. It’s a great way to increase the dialogue in your meetings and start to see larger trends. An audience poll can be created and assigned to appear on any slide the presenter wants. 


Here is how to create an audience poll with Forum. 

Select the polls icon from the menu bar


To create a new poll, select the ‘+’ at the top right of your screen. 


Now you can select the type of poll you want to create, either Yes/ No or Multiple Choice 



Creating a Yes/No poll question 

Under Fill in details, you can type in your yes/no question. The answers Yes/No automatically populate as A) Yes and B) No. 

Don’t forget to ask a Yes/No question, or else it will seem a little confusing to your audience. 

You can then choose on which slides you want a poll to appear to your audience.  

Once you have finished your question, select Save.



Creating a multiple-choice poll question 

Under Fill in details, type your multiple-choice question in the field where it says “Type question here…” 

Then start building your answers, (you can create 26 choices from A-Z). 

You can then choose on which slides you want a poll to appear to your audience. 

Once you have finished your question and choices, select Save.

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